DIY tablet holders for the car

As much as I’d like to claim our kids are little angels on long car trips … they’re not. Even on the hour-long drive to Halifax, they whine and ask how much longer and decide they need to use the bathroom (they don’t) because they’d like to get out now, please.

Our solution has been to hand them their devices — two LeapPad tablets with the ever-important headphones — and then bask in the beautiful silence as we zoom along the highway. They know this is only for long drives, so they’re always happy to play a game or watch a video. Sometimes I’ll wear my headphones if my husband is driving and then we’re really the picture of family togetherness.

These little kiddie tablets have been sooooo helpful, except for one tiny detail. Did I mention the kids suffer from motion sickness? Their little arms get tired of holding the tablets up to eye level, so before long somebody’s looking down at the screen on their lap and then …

“Look out the window! You’re fine! LOOK OUT THE WINDOW! Here, I’ll roll your window now! NICE FRESH AIR! YOU’RE FINE!”

(I don’t handle barf well, so I’m especially panicked when someone announces — as we’re going 110 km/hour — that they don’t feel well.)

I’d been meaning to sew up a couple of tablet holders for ages now and I finally got around to it this past weekend. It took less than 0.5 metres of fabric for each one, and the kids loved getting to pick out fun “character fabric” at Atlantic Fabrics.

If your kids also suffer from The Dreaded Car Sickness Technology Woes, here’s how to make your own tablet holders for the car …

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Full tutorial

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