Fashion Recycling Week: Day 1 (T-shirt to ruffled tank)

When D was one and two, he had a lot of hand-me-downs — which meant we had to buy less new clothing, and helped a lot. We’d pick up a few pairs of shorts or whatever he happened to need, but that was about it. His hand-me-downs looked great on him. End of story.
But with C, it’s a totally different story, for a few reasons:
(A) Girls’ clothing is way more fun to buy, and there are SO many more choices
(C) C is a little peanut who fits into clothing for a long, long time (so I get bored, and the clothes get worn out)
(D) We have very few hand-me-downs/thrifted items for her
(E) Did I mention how cute girls’ clothing is?
Because I love making clothes for C, my idea of “seasonal shopping” is getting to run around the fabric store like a madwoman and grab beautiful bolts to make my own creations. I’d much rather spend the money there, rather than in a clothing store. But it doesn’t always cover all of the things she needs.
C just celebrated her second birthday, and got some new spring/summer outfits. But I realized what she was missing were casual tops. Sure, I sew dresses for her practically every week, but I seem to neglect to make more low-key pieces that can be worn to the playground or smeared with ice cream.
So this week, I’m going to show you how I’ve made five “new” casual tops for C — using only hand-me-downs, outgrown clothes, stained clothes, etc. 
Here we go!
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I bought this shirt for C to wear on D’s birthday last year. It’s got a large chocolate-y stain down one side, but it’s otherwise fine … I’m just bored with it, because she’s worn it for a full year now (and it still fits).

I grabbed my rotary cutter and sliced off the sleeves, just following the curve of the original sleeves. I also sliced down each side of the shirt (not pictured) to make it more fitted.

Then I cut a few strips of pink fabric (from a too-small top) and pinned two ruffles on the bottom of the front, and two ruffles on the bottom of the back of the year.

I cut two skinny strips of pink T-shirt and stretched them out to make them really stringy, and tied little bows around the tank shoulders.

Same message, different shirt!

I put it on C when she woke up from her nap, and she approved! (Admittedly, it’s a little snug, so maybe I got too overzealous with “trimming” the sides — whoops!)
Stay tuned for more projects this week!


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