A world of pure imagination

Halloween 2013 will go down in our family history as the first year that all four of us really participated. 

Little C turned 18 months just a few days before, and she got to trick-or-treat for the first time. 

D was a farmer, of course. This boy is obsessed with all things farm. (This is him all dressed up for his preschool party)

Little C (our Oompa Loompa) had her 18-month needles that morning (yes, I felt like a bad mom for scheduling them on a holiday!) but she was a total pro. She even thanked the doctor over and over after it was done. The manners on that one! 🙂

We made a few adjustments to her costume to keep her warm trick-or-treating, as its been -1C lately. (Not sure what that is for my lovely American readers — super cold?)

Her green hairspray was the most epic part of her costume. Everyone kept exclaiming over it. 

Just like last year, we trick-or-treated with our next door neighbours. So much more fun to be out with friends, rather than trekking around alone. It was great!

Enjoying their delicious rewards. 

Yes, I was an Oompa Loompa, too. I made our costumes in a single naptime. Super easy.
*** (Mine is a cheap brown T-shirt from Walmart with sewed-on trim that I made, and hugely unflattering white overalls that I made from white fabric. C’s is actually a hand-me-down romper that I sewed straps into, and a brown tee that I sewed trim onto) ***

Me and mah man! He had to work most of Halloween, but we were able to grab a few quick shots together. I made his Wonka bar costume from a few sheets of Dollarama Bristol board. 
I love Halloween, mostly because I love putting together costumes. I wish D had been on board with our Willy Wonka theme, but I appreciate that he’s old enough to choose his own costume now (ahem, however unexciting it may be). 
Now I’m already thinking of next years costumes. I think Smurfs would be fun. Blue makeup hollaaaaaa!

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