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The end of naptime

We’ve had some major schedule shake-ups in our house over the past couple of weeks. The kids spent a week at (morning-only) day camp, which was awesome because I could work uninterrupted for three full hours. But it also caused problems because Darling Husband… Continue Reading “The end of naptime”

The Nap Factor

For four and a half years, I built and maintained my freelance career without any childcare (other than Darling Husband, when he’s off, and those three random days I roped in a 12-year-old mother’s helper). It was a HUGE decision for me when I… Continue Reading “The Nap Factor”

How do you spell anxiety? R-e-l-a-x

You could say I run a tight ship.All aboard the S.S. Obsessive Compulsive!But, you see, I need to start easing up a little bit … Darling Husband works a lot of hours (two full-time jobs, actually … yeah, yikes is right). So naturally, Baby… Continue Reading “How do you spell anxiety? R-e-l-a-x”

The new and improved schedule

Happy New Year to my lovely readers! As I mentioned yesterday, 2011 is hopefully going to be a year of improved sleep for our little family. I am proposing that by creating and following an eating/nursing schedule for Baby Boy, he will not wake… Continue Reading “The new and improved schedule”

My New Year’s resolution? Helping us all sleep a little better!

You have all heard me rant and rave about The Sleep Situation. Not in the beginning. No, in those early months, I knew I was supposed to be getting up all night to nurse the baby. I expected it. It was tiring, yeah, but… Continue Reading “My New Year’s resolution? Helping us all sleep a little better!”