How do you spell anxiety? R-e-l-a-x

You could say I run a tight ship.
All aboard the S.S. Obsessive Compulsive!
But, you see, I need to start easing up a little bit …

Darling Husband works a lot of hours (two full-time jobs, actually … yeah, yikes is right). So naturally, Baby Boy and I are used to spending a lot of time on our own.

The days I spend with Baby Boy are usually quiet, but we have a comfortable routine. I’m used to feeding him, dressing him, changing him, bathing him, playing with him, reading to him, etc. on a very predictable schedule. Of course, these days rarely involve us getting out of the house, and can get boring.

On Darling Husband’s days off, we get to spend time with him (yay!), but things also get turned a bit upside-down (eek!). Darling Husband helps feed/dress/change/play with Baby Boy (yay!) but everything is done very differently than I would normally do it (oh!). We go places (fun!), but then Baby Boy’s schedule gets messed up (crankiness!).

This weekend, Darling Husband was off part of Friday, all of Saturday, and all of Sunday — unheard of in this house, let me tell you! We played Rummy, got out of the condo a few times (a huge YAY from this shut-in), spent a lot of time together as a family. Of course, Baby Boy also got totally off his schedule, fussed more than usual, and got up more times than usual at night.

I’m so used to my everyday routine that when Darling Husband is off, it’s like a random vacation day where nothing is normal and everything is unexpected or changed. And I’m terrible horrible very bad not great with change. So sometimes this doesn’t feel good, but then I get annoyed at myself for being so stodgy and set in my ways.

Now Darling Husband is back at work, and Baby Boy and I will barely see him for the next three or four days, as he works double-shift after double-shift. I’m remembering the fun we had on the weekend, and vowing to start being a little more flexible on those “Daddy Days.” I know routine is good for babies (and meeeee), but it could do us all good if we learned to live without it sometimes, too.

One Comment on “How do you spell anxiety? R-e-l-a-x

  1. Yay for days off with the husband! My husband is working and attending classes and there are days when we don't see him much at all, but it sounds like you've got your routine down pat!


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