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Making a point to Power Hour

When I redid my entire Google calendar schedule — which is a beautifully organized symphony of colour and alarms and recurring events — I added in two Power Hours a week: one on Tuesday morning, one on Thursday morning. Both from 8:30 to 9:30… Continue Reading “Making a point to Power Hour”

Finding the time (for me)

There wasn’t time in my schedule to think, to plan, to daydream. Every minute of the day was scheduled for maximum efficiency. The only time ideas trickled into my thoughts was when I was trying to sleep, and I’d force myself to clear my… Continue Reading “Finding the time (for me)”

Finding a new normal

How to find your new normal when starting school is exhausting

I bought the thermos and the water bottle. I was ready with lunchbox snacks and juice boxes. I even baked fresh chocolate chip cookies for the heartwarming after-school mother/son chat we’d have on the first day. But I certainly wasn’t prepared for the exhaustion… Continue Reading “Finding a new normal”

DIY family command centre

Life changes, and sometimes that means your decor needs to change with it. We used to have a family “art gallery”on the main wall in our kitchen and we’d hang up the kids’ paintings and drawings — occasionally a worksheet from preschool. But we… Continue Reading “DIY family command centre”

The million dollar question for the work-at-home crowd

The thing about working from home is that it’s not always clear what you should be doing. Or when you should stop doing it. And exactly how guilty you should feel about it. If you don’t have set work hours and the nature of… Continue Reading “The million dollar question for the work-at-home crowd”