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Werk it Wednesday: Snoozed

Nope, I’m not talking about sleep — although I’m hella tired right now after taking the puppy out twice in the night, and then getting up early to serve sticky pancakes and apple slices to elementary schoolers.  (It’s barely nine and I feel like… Continue Reading “Werk it Wednesday: Snoozed”

Early Risers vs. Night Owls

We are a house divided: two against two. Our five-year-old son and I are naturally early risers while my husband and our three-year-old daughter are night owls. The kids have the same bedtime, but they definitely don’t go to sleep at the same time… Continue Reading “Early Risers vs. Night Owls”

Making a point to Power Hour

When I redid my entire Google calendar schedule — which is a beautifully organized symphony of colour and alarms and recurring events — I added in two Power Hours a week: one on Tuesday morning, one on Thursday morning. Both from 8:30 to 9:30… Continue Reading “Making a point to Power Hour”