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Who knew you could BAKE hamburgers?

You guys know I don’t do a lot of food posts — mainly because I’m a terrible cook but also because food isn’t that interesting to me — but I recently tried something that made me SUPER INTRIGUED and felt I had to share… Continue Reading “Who knew you could BAKE hamburgers?”

Baking a doggie birthday cake

This is completely random and hilarious, but I have been getting requests for the recipe I used to make Annabelle‘s half-birthday cake a couple of weeks ago. Truth: It looked so good that I kind of wanted to try it. I modified this peanut… Continue Reading “Baking a doggie birthday cake”

Make-ahead Chicken Broccoli Divan

I don’t post a lot of recipes on here because I don’t cook very adventurous meals. In fact, it seems most of my recipes are desserts or bread-related items (that’s where I tend to shine). But I’ve been meaning to share this one because… Continue Reading “Make-ahead Chicken Broccoli Divan”

Six lunch hacks for busy parents

I microwaved a burger at 7 a.m. and it ended up taking over half my day. Yes, that’s true. I was testing a new lunch idea (item #2) and it worked so brilliantly that I thought: “Hey, self. You should take some poorly-lit photos… Continue Reading “Six lunch hacks for busy parents”

Beat the school lunch blues with Lunch Pucks

Our five-year-old loves peanut butter sandwiches, but he can’t bring those to school, of course. We did buy something called Wowbutter, but he’s not keen on it yet. So what do you pack for the child who refuses to bring a sandwich to school?… Continue Reading “Beat the school lunch blues with Lunch Pucks”