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Quick and easy Weight Watchers dessert

You know what happens when you’re either pregnant or breastfeeding for, like, over three years and counting? You kind of forget things … like what it means to have raging PMS, and want to eat all of the chocolate (and giant gummy bears) in… Continue Reading “Quick and easy Weight Watchers dessert”

What I Ate Wednesday: Cheesy Chicken Veggie Cups

We’re waist-high in decoration/renovation land over here — pics coming soon! — so this week’s What I Ate Wednesday with Peas & Crayons is more of a lovely food essay. Here is a super-easy recipe I “invented” (read: I’m sure I saw the idea somewhere, but didn’t… Continue Reading “What I Ate Wednesday: Cheesy Chicken Veggie Cups”

What happened to Sloppy Joes?

Happy Friday, everyone! I have heard rumours it’s a long weekend here in Canada, but since I freelance and all my days are the same, I have no way of confirming these rumours. Since Darling Husband and I joined Weight Watchers Online, I’ve been… Continue Reading “What happened to Sloppy Joes?”

Super-easy slow-cooker salsa chicken recipe

I’m not much for posting recipes here at Laptops to Lullabies, for three important reasons: A. I can’t really cook. B. I never open my cookbooks, and refer to for basically everything C. Seriously. Not much of a cook! But! I came across… Continue Reading “Super-easy slow-cooker salsa chicken recipe”