Who knew you could BAKE hamburgers?

You guys know I don’t do a lot of food posts — mainly because I’m a terrible cook but also because food isn’t that interesting to me — but I recently tried something that made me SUPER INTRIGUED and felt I had to share it.

Baked hamburgers! They’re a thing!

I’m a bit of hamburger queen. I don’t love a lot of homemade burgers because they’re never as good as restaurant burgers. Fast-food burgers are my favourite, so maybe that will change your opinion of my opinion. Maybe that’s why I like this method? Hmm.

Anyway,  Darling Husband typically BBQs our hamburgers and I have nothing to do with the process, as BBQing and lawn-mowing are really the only two things for which I abandon being a staunch feminist. I don’t care to do either and would flounce my petticoats if you suggested I should.

(I am also not good about taking out the compost, touching the green bin outside, or doing anything to the grass other than sit on it.)

When I have made hamburgers for dinner, I’ve used our George Foreman and they’re fine. It’s annoying to wash that thing, though, and I tend to overcook the burgers because I get all paranoid about serving undercooked meat.

I made square patties (like Wendy’s!) so they’d fit nicely on the rectangular cookie sheets

I do, however, bake meatballs in the oven. So last week I decided to Google “baked hamburgers” to see if it was a thing, and it was! Apparently baked hamburgers are actually juicier because the heat is distributed more evenly.

So if you want to bake hamburgers, here’s what to do:

  • Preheat the oven to 400F
  • Take out two baking sheets (I grabbed two that can fit in the oven at the time, side by side)
  • Cover your pans with foil and spritz them with cooking spray (I didn’t use tinfoil this time, but I will next time to make clean-up easier)
  • Stick the pans into the oven to heat up! (This helps sear the meat and locks in the juices.)
  • Wash your hands and make your burger patties (this tutorial suggests making the patties about 1/2″ thick, and says thin patties are less likely to dry out)
  • Carefully take the hot pans out of the oven, spread the burger patties on the pans, and stick the pans back in the oven
  • Bake the patties for about 10 minutes, then flip and bake for another 5-10 minutes until their internal temperature is at least 160 degrees
  • Add to buns with toppings and enjoy!
These were seriously the best burgers we have EVER made at home. Sorry, Darling Husband, but I think you even agreed. They were juicy and delicious.
I loved that I was able to stick the thermometer in a burger, see the temp was well over 160F, and feel confident that they were definitely cooked — but NOT black, as often happens on the BBQ or the George Foreman.
C and I are total babies about burned bits on our hamburgers, and she declared Mommy’s burgers were much better than Daddy’s burgers because there was “no black stuff.”
I like mine without the bun but with lots of bacon and cheese, mmmm
I know you love to BBQ, Darling Husband (wait, you don’t read the blog, what am I talking directly to you?) but maybe you’ll have to stick to BBQing sausages and hot dogs. This way of making hamburgers? It’s amazing and I can’t go back.

So what do you think?

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