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Gifts a new mom REALLY wants

It started when my sister innocently sent a group text asking for ideas on what to gift a new mom — like BRAND-NEW, still-in-the-hospital new. I had some ideas. She ended up taking my first idea — a gift certificate for a restaurant where… Continue Reading “Gifts a new mom REALLY wants”

The unexpected pregnancy test

While I was cleaning up some folders, I found one loaded with photos. All photos of a pregnancy test and the box, taken from various angles. I was like … WTF?! What was this fr– OHHHH right. That. They weren’t from the time I… Continue Reading “The unexpected pregnancy test”

Throwing a baby shower for your bestie

Throwing a baby shower can’t possibly be more than sitting everyone in a circle and cooing over ducky onesies and impossibly tiny sneakers, right? Well, there’s a bit more to it — like the guest list, food, games, gifts and general hosting duties. Not… Continue Reading “Throwing a baby shower for your bestie”