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What you need to know about skincare in your 30s

Disclosure: These products were sent to me for review, but all opinions (and selfies) are my own. *** I worked as a drugstore cosmetician in high school and again in university, and I maintain it was one of the best part-time jobs I could… Continue Reading “What you need to know about skincare in your 30s”

Treat yo’ self: Work-at-home edition

Today I thought I’d talk about the treats you can buy — or steal from other rooms — for your home office. After all, I spend a LOT of time in mine — throwing parties and such, mostly — and I have learned the… Continue Reading “Treat yo’ self: Work-at-home edition”

Gifts a new mom REALLY wants

It started when my sister innocently sent a group text asking for ideas on what to gift a new mom — like BRAND-NEW, still-in-the-hospital new. I had some ideas. She ended up taking my first idea — a gift certificate for a restaurant where… Continue Reading “Gifts a new mom REALLY wants”