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10 lessons learned while breastfeeding

Lessons learned while breastfeeding {Heather's Handmade Life}

I breastfed my two children for a combined total of 29 months and I learned a LOT along the way — mostly that it’s really obnoxious when parents refer to everything in months instead of years. While it wound up being the right decision… Continue Reading “10 lessons learned while breastfeeding”

What’s your parental satisfaction level?

Like most things in life, your level of parental satisfaction ebbs and flows — at least mine does. When I had one baby, I felt like I was nailing it a lot of the time. Yes, he was a snuggly android who barely slept,… Continue Reading “What’s your parental satisfaction level?”

One is the loneliest most rare number

Since having our second baby, I have realized my (already very limited) alone time is now practically non-existent. Therefore, I present to you a list of my current favourite places to be: Showering. Sure, the baby is usually in her carseat right there, on… Continue Reading “One is the loneliest most rare number”