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DIY floating makeup table, revamped chair

When we were planning our daughter’s bedroom makeover, most of the discussions centred around the huge loft bed we were building. But our daughter was even more excited about adding something else: a ‘real’ makeup table. Did I mention she’s four years old!? She’s… Continue Reading “DIY floating makeup table, revamped chair”

DIY loft bed, playhouse and reading nook

DIY loft bed, play area + reading nook {Heather's Handmade Life}

When we built our daughter’s canopy bed, we never thought we’d be trading it for a loft bed. We loved her cheerful rainbow bedroom, but it was utterly chaotic, cramped and cluttered. It also had barely changed since I was pregnant with her, so she… Continue Reading “DIY loft bed, playhouse and reading nook”

Whimsical DIY shelves from end tables

We’ve been working on a sky-high loft bed as part of our four-year-old daughter’s bedroom makeover, and that meant there were two pieces of furniture she definitely didn’t need anymore: her two nightstands. I mean, unless we wanted to hang them from the ceiling?… Continue Reading “Whimsical DIY shelves from end tables”

DIY photo ledges for just $15

Filling up these photo ledges was SO much fun, and I can change them as often as I want without worrying about more holes in the wall.

DIY charging station

Our DIY charging station ledge holds our iPhones and the kids’ iPods, and our iPad fits nicely in the space at the back. I also store any extra chargers and sets of earbuds in there so it’s a one-stop shop for that stuff.