Pre-preggo morning sickness

I felt awwwwwful this morning. Totally and completely nauseated. There was too much saliva in my mouth — a sure sign of impending pukage.

I ate a piece of bread with peanut butter in the car, and sucked back some OJ. I felt better, but still a little iffy.
I’m pretty sure it happened because I didn’t eat any snacks last night — was busy racing around doing laundry, dishes, etc. I have always been hypoglycemic, so eating regular snacks is a must … and now I’m paying the price!
I think low blood sugar is a lot like morning sickness. That’s why they tell pregnant peeps to eat a snack right before going to bed — so they’re not starving/feeling sick in the a.m. I’m definitely not going to skip my bedtime snack again, if this is how it will make me feel!
I swear, if I had not taken my third-to-last birth control pill today, I would be running for a pregnancy test!!!

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