Toilet talk

I don’t feel well today.
I have had a slight cold all week, but today it has taken a turn for the … nauseous. I am bundled up in a cardigan, even though the office is warmish today. I have been existing on crackers and Ginger Ale this morning, and just feel so icky.

If I was not so certain that I am not pregnant, I would definitely be suspicious. But I’m not, so I’m just annoyed.
God-willing, I will not throw up today. I think my cold is just making me feel blah. But this has made me nervous about what will happen when I am having morning sickness at work.

I really wish we had nicer bathrooms at the office. The tiles are so grody-looking, and the toilets themselves are old and nasty. I know that just kneeling down over one would make me puke, any day.
I worry about another colleague seeing me heave in the bathroom. There are only two stalls, and while we share the bathroom with some other offices on the floor, we pretty much always run into each other in there — or recognize each other’s shoes.
It would be horrible if one of them walked in and knew it was me upchucking. Would I have to lie and pretend I had the flu? And then go home sick? If they catch me more than once, that won’t fly. Hmmm …

Morning sickness plan of attack for the office:

  • Keep crackers in desk drawers at all times
  • Keep cans of Ginger Ale in office fridge
  • Position garbage can closer to desk, just in case
  • Keep air sickness bag in purse all all times
  • Buy lemon hard candies to keep in desk drawer
  • ………..
  • ………..?
  • … There must be something else!
Aha! Brainstorm!
  • Investigate public bathrooms on other floors, where no one will recognize me!

3 Comments on “Toilet talk

  1. I am consistantly worrying about this myself. While there is a single bathroom right near my end of the building, there are often times someone is in there. So I always think about what would happen if frantically ran over there and the door was closed!?! The front door is right there so I guess I could run outside but then like you said, what would I say if someone saw me. I'm just hoping I don't have to barf at work. I know that is unlikely though.

    On a side note, I also feel nauseous today! But mine is nerves and not sickness. Well, at least I think its nerves…


  2. I had the flu this week too and my boss totally accused me of having morning sickness. I cannot imagine having to work when I feel so crappy. I could barely get out of bed because of the nausea. This is the one and only thing I worry about and dread about getting pregnant. Most of my work is men and I just can't imagine how they will all deal with pregnant me.


  3. I work with mostly all men, too, and it will be tough. It will be hard to hide it from my female colleagues — who are friends — but necessary, because I won't want everyone at work knowing until I'm ready to tell (or until they all guess)


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