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The online shopping trick that just saved me $108.49

This easy shopping tip showed me that a site I had NEVER used before (never even heard of, honestly) was selling the identical item for almost $78 less.

The backwards fabric hack

If you find a paint swatch you like, look for a more greyed-out version and it’s probably going to be even nicer. Strangely enough, you can almost do the same thing with fabric, all by turning it over and using the other side! I… Continue Reading “The backwards fabric hack”

The high cost of kids’ activities

The high cost of kids' activities: How do you explain to a child that they can't do it all? {Heather's Handmade Life}

She just didn’t understand it. To her, it made perfect sense. If she took dance one afternoon, cheerleading another afternoon and gymnastics on a third afternoon, that still left an afternoon free for taekwondo. Plus, you know, a fifth weekday afternoon would be completely… Continue Reading “The high cost of kids’ activities”