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Save money on groceries without clipping a single coupon

I don’t share many of my articles here on the blog — unless they involve mah kids or mah crafty lil’ house — but I wanted to stop by and link over to this one on coupon apps because there’s some really useful info!… Continue Reading “Save money on groceries without clipping a single coupon”

Our family’s simple Christmas gift system

Our family's simple Christmas gift system {Heather's Handmade Life}

I don’t know what I’d do without our Christmas gift system. Seriously. I know some people love spending a lot of time and money shopping for their kids’ Christmas gifts, but the trouble is it tends to snowball every year as the kids get… Continue Reading “Our family’s simple Christmas gift system”

Strengthening passwords, setting up automatic transfers, and other techie resolutions

In the spirit of new-year-ishness, I made a couple of housekeeping decisions this week to keep things running smoothly in 2014. (I almost said “tickety-boo,” but then I realized I’m not eighty … yet) Since we’re very digital people — you don’t even want… Continue Reading “Strengthening passwords, setting up automatic transfers, and other techie resolutions”

Making garbage/recycling signs for less than $5

We had a problem in our kitchen at our House of Dreams. Too many freaking garbage cans, and no one (except us) had any idea what to put in any of them. We live in an area that has a very strict garbage/recycling/compost program.… Continue Reading “Making garbage/recycling signs for less than $5”

How to make your own art gallery wall for $25

I admit it — I don’t like the look of a bunch of kiddie artwork or photos stuck to the refrigerator door. To me, a kitchen instantly feels cleaner and less cluttered when you have bare appliances. Of course, I cover just about every… Continue Reading “How to make your own art gallery wall for $25”