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What do you people have against cloth?

I’m definitely not an eco-friendly girl. I may (gasp) occassionally always toss pop cans in the garbage. But I am a budget-friendly girl. The idea of buying a truckload of Pampers terrifies me, so last week I casually told my mother that I was thinking… Continue Reading “What do you people have against cloth?”

Making it work

Last week was hard. I’m not going to sugar-coat it.  We had just gotten to a point where Hubby was going to work a little extra in order to put some money away specifically for the baby. This … just completely knocked us down. After much… Continue Reading “Making it work”

Save big bucks with DIY wipes

I was just browsing around on and came across an awesome article about making your own baby wipes. I’d been totally focused on the benefits of cloth diapers, but hadn’t even thought of wipes yet! You can use either baby washcloths — just… Continue Reading “Save big bucks with DIY wipes”

Space-saving nursery tricks

Hooray! I have finally made some progress in my ongoing quest to figure out how to fit baby-gear into our small place. Caught an episode of The Mom Show the other day — love that show, and have for the last couple of years —… Continue Reading “Space-saving nursery tricks”

Diaper duty

As a kid born and raised in the 80s, I wore disposable diapers. When I got older and began babysitting, all of those kids wore disposable diapers. I love patting a baby’s butt to get that crunchy, plasticy Pampers sound through their sleepers. But… Continue Reading “Diaper duty”