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A messy highchair has me backed into a corner

I can’t possibly be doing this right! I have to do this four times a day (three meals, plus bedtime cereal). You would think I would have it down to a science, but no … I remove the plate/cup/spoon/bottle from the highchair tray I… Continue Reading “A messy highchair has me backed into a corner”

Adventures in finger foods

Before: Perfectly cut-up baby-sized bites of baked sweet potato, and perfectly hand-minced bites of chicken breast. After: A very messy high-chair tray for Mommy to clean up …

The path of destruction

I’ve always made fun of Darling Husband for leaving a “path of destruction” throughout our condo. If he’s been home, I can literally enter a room and say, “Oh … Darling Husband, I see you re-heated some pizza,” (baggie on counter, dirty plate on… Continue Reading “The path of destruction”