A messy highchair has me backed into a corner

I can’t possibly be doing this right! I have to do this four times a day (three meals, plus bedtime cereal). You would think I would have it down to a science, but no …

  1. I remove the plate/cup/spoon/bottle from the highchair tray
  2. I take off the highchair tray
  3. I take off Baby Boy’s bib
  4. I pick the bits of mushed-up food from his clothes
  5. I wipe his hands and face with a wet cloth
  6. I unbuckle him
  7. I pick him up 
  8. I shake him (uh, carefully) over the chair to get the remaining bits of food off his clothes
  9. I hold him over one arm and pick the food-bits off his butt
  10. I place him in his Playard with toys
  11. I wipe his highchair seat with a paper towel to get the food globs
  12. Then I wipe it with a wet cloth to remove the stickiness
  13. I pick the food-bits off his bib
  14. I scrape his highchair tray into the garbage
  15. I wash his tray under the taps, or wipe it with a cloth
  16. I dry the tray
  17. I replace the highchair tray
  18. I pick the food chunks off the floor
  19. I wipe the floor under his highchair
  20. I push the highchair back to its place at the kitchen table
Um, is it supposed to take this long? Tips, advice? HELP? 

So what do you think?

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