The world’s fastest shower

I mentioned yesterday that Baby Boy no longer tolerates bouncy chairs or Exersaucers, and it made doing my makeup difficult.

Showering is even trickier.

Yesterday I was too lazy to set up the Jolly Jumper in the bathroom door, so I simply set up Baby Boy standing next to our bed and clinging to the frame — he gets a huge kick out of this — and showered with the bathroom door open, so I could see him.

Least relaxing shower EVER. I think I was in there 45 seconds, because I kept yanking the curtain back to make sure he was still safely hanging onto the bed frame (and not on the floor, madly crawling away).

Yeah. Forty-five seconds. Enough time to wash my body, but not my hair. Enough time to shave under my arms, but not my legs. These are the choices you make as a mommy.

So what do you think?

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