Can you say ‘Matisse’?

Just floated back in from another excursion at my oh-so-favourite used bookshop.

I’ve already bought numerous books for le bebe, but I should specify that I am very choosey in my selections. The store is crammed with books, but I know exactly which ones I want.

I only buy books that meet one (or more) of the following standards:
  • Classic books: I want our children to read the tried-and-trues, including modern classics.
  • French books: They’re going into French Immersion as soon as they’re old enough, so I want to start reading to them in French from birth.
  • Books with gorgeous illustrations: I love art, so naturally I want to introduce our kids to the world of art.
  • Books with beautiful prose: I am a fan of the rhyme-y books, the poetry books, the books written in old-time-y language.
So imagine my surprise when I came across a book that had gorgeous illustrations and a double-dose of culture: Touch the Art: Feed Matisse’s Fish.
It’s an awesome board book by Julie Appel and Amy Guglielmo. Babes ‘n’ kiddos can touch illustrations of famous paintings, and interact with each one. Since my art history knowledge is a bit fuzzy, the book lists the name of each painting and the artist.
“See, Baby? That’s a Matisse. Can you say ‘Matisse’? Mmmmm-ah-teeeeeeese!”
I also bought Brush Mona Lisa’s Hair, because, OMG — how cute. And now, of course, I need to get Make Van Gogh’s Bed and Pop Warhol’s Top because they are two of my favourite artists.
Think of the project possibilities! We could read the books, and then get out the pastels and create our own interpretations.
Hmm, is it possible that I am already one of those overachieving mothers?

So what do you think?

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