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The thing I tried and then promptly … stopped?

I tried to become a runner in November. Well, for like a week. And then I lost interest, or something. But then in June, I gave it a real try. I downloaded an app, I BOUGHT NEW SNEAKERS (the first sneakers I’d bought since… Continue Reading “The thing I tried and then promptly … stopped?”

What’s wrong with this picture?

Looks like a reasonable meal, right? Chicken sandwich on a whole-grain bun, bit of pasta, side of vegetables. Harmless! Or so it would seem, until you do the Weight Watchers analysis … Chicken breast: 5 pointsMayonaise: 3 pointsWhole-grain roll: 2 pointsSide of veggies: 0 points Tiny… Continue Reading “What’s wrong with this picture?”

Five weight loss snacks that actually taste amazing

How’s the weight loss going, you ask? Darling Husband and I are still loving Weight Watchers Online, and are on track to reach our goals (his is going skydiving, mine is looking smokin’ hot). In the first three weeks on the program, I’ve lost… Continue Reading “Five weight loss snacks that actually taste amazing”

What I Ate Wednesday: Toddler edition

Some readers have been curious how little D is faring with the Weight Watchers revolution in our house, so this post is for them! At first, he hated it. He probably missed the fatting creamy pasta sidedish thingys I used to make, and wondered… Continue Reading “What I Ate Wednesday: Toddler edition”

Making my own baby cereal

I’m considering making my own baby cereal from brown rice. You know, because I saw Josh and Anna Duggar do it, and I adore them and want to copy them shamelessly. Anyway … Has anyone tried it? The only thing holding me back is worrying that… Continue Reading “Making my own baby cereal”