Five weight loss snacks that actually taste amazing

How’s the weight loss going, you ask? Darling Husband and I are still loving Weight Watchers Online, and are on track to reach our goals (his is going skydiving, mine is looking smokin’ hot). In the first three weeks on the program, I’ve lost 6.2 lbs and he’s lost close to 9 lbs. Saweeeeeet.

As someone who has spent her entire life being super picky and not trying a lot of new things, it’s been enlightening to try new recipes every single week. It’s like I’m growing up! Or something!

But snacks are a huge part of succeeding with your weight loss. Before joining Weight Watchers, some of my afternoon snack options would include …

  • Peanut butter on saltines with OJ
  • Snickers bar from SSSS (Super Secret Snickers Stash)
  • Triscuits with cheese

All of them are approximately ONE GAZILLION POINTS, right? And you would think a mommy who has a SSSS (Super Secret Snickers Stash) would be hopeless at changing her ways, and would not be able to find any not-fat-person snacks she enjoyed, right?

Well, here some of my new fave snacks that are much, MUCH healthier:
Laughing Cow Light cheese wedges. This things are life-changing! They are adorable little individually-wrapped wedges of “healthy cheese” (I have no idea what kind, what it’s made out of, and I don’t plan on asking any questions in case it’s something gross). They taste how I imagine cream cheese tastes? Which is creamy and delicious. I’m eating it as I type this post! Weight Watchers Point value: 1

Melba toast. This seems like it would taste crappy, but I really like it. We buy the whole-grain kind, and surprisingly it’s just as tasty as a Triscuit (well, once you slather it with Laughing Cow cheese, of course). Weight Watchers Point value: 1 (for three pieces!)

Salsa. I’ve always loved salsa, but I only ever ate it on tacos and nachos. Now we go through multiple jars a week, because I’m eating it on EVERYTHING. If I’m not crazy about a recipe, or want to hide the ingredients from myself? Dump salsa on it. Don’t like my salad? Add some salsa. Put a bird on it? Nah, put some SALSA on it! Weight Watchers Point value: 0

Hummus. This is another new food for me. I was iffy on the texture at first, because I hate beans and bean-ish textures. But now I really like it! Just don’t talk about what it’s made of, OK? I like to tell myself it’s a special “spread” without thinking of the ingredients. Weight Watchers Point value: 3 points for 1/4 cup

Pita chips. Never had these before, either! HUGELY life-changing. When people talked about pita chips before, I had always figured they were nasty thick wedges of nasty gross flour-y pita. I wish someone had told me that WOW, THEY ARE ACTUALLY CHIPS. They are crunchy and salty and pretty freaking delicious with some salsa or hummus on them.We now buy a couple of packages every week at the grocery store, and I dutifully cut them into wedges with a pizza cutter, separate them, spray them with cooking spray, sprinkle on some salt, and bake them in the oven for a few minutes. Then I keep them in a big tupperware container or ziplock bag. Amazing! Weight Watchers Point value: 2 points for 1 pita’s worth of chips

This is me, making pita chips. Aren’t I domestic?

So what do you think?

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