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All aboard the Health Express!

Well, my vow to get healthier this year has yet to be broken! I’ve been eating crazy-healthy — for the most part, ahem — and will be eating a tuna wrap and baby carrots for lunch today. For reals.  That might not sound too extreme, but… Continue Reading “All aboard the Health Express!”

Drink more milk … or drop it completely?

Hmmm, confusion city! Item #56o434 on the jumbo list of things to do — and things not to do — while trying to conceive seems to be drinking and eating more milk products. Most websites/books recommend full-fat dairy products (i.e. not diet-y), even ice… Continue Reading “Drink more milk … or drop it completely?”

Vegetables are your friend

In the spirit of the new year, Darling Husband and I — and most people we know — are in a flurry of let’s-eat-healthier-and-get-more-exercise. It’s a nice thought, and honestly, I get very healthy-keen every few months, but it only lasts about a week.… Continue Reading “Vegetables are your friend”