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Another stab at the flab

New month, new me? Let’s hope. Today is the first day of another fitness challenge at my beloved Zumba studio. We did one last fall and I actually won it, although I think I only lost 5-6 lbs. (Two of them have returned, but… Continue Reading “Another stab at the flab”

Teaching an old couch potato new tricks

I was in a really bad mood yesterday. There was no particular reason for it, really. I just felt like the whirlwind weekend (overnight trip + kiddie birthday party + lots of driving) had left me exhausted. I was craving alone time. I was… Continue Reading “Teaching an old couch potato new tricks”

Chipaholics Anonymous

I’ve been diligently tracking everything I eat — and all of the exercise I get — since Wednesday, when our group weight loss challenge began at Zumba. Here is what I have learned so far, in this highly-detailed research into my bad habits …… Continue Reading “Chipaholics Anonymous”