Category: Hard times

The year I lost myself to postpartum depression

I didn’t admit I had postpartum depression until long after it was over. After our daughter was born, I was consumed with guilt that I felt anything other than joyous. After all, I finally had the baby girl I’d always wanted — ruffles, headbands,… Continue Reading “The year I lost myself to postpartum depression”

Pancakes and anxiety

I used to make pancakes a lot. Really nice, homemade, fluffy ones — not even from a mix. Nope. I’d whisk together flour and baking powder and salt. I’d make a little well in the middle and add the beaten eggs, milk, and oil.… Continue Reading “Pancakes and anxiety”

What’s your parental satisfaction level?

Like most things in life, your level of parental satisfaction ebbs and flows — at least mine does. When I had one baby, I felt like I was nailing it a lot of the time. Yes, he was a snuggly android who barely slept,… Continue Reading “What’s your parental satisfaction level?”