Pinterest is my therapist

I had another bad day today. 
I could go on about work frustrations and time management struggles and financial concerns and a disastrous house and the fact that our childcare is ending on Thursday, but I don’t want to write it all out. 
I’ve felt down all day. Irritable and mopey and overall negative and overwhelmed. I feel like if I was still capable of PMS, I’d have something concrete to blame it on, you know?
I drove my self and the kids to Zumba, desperately, because I needed 60 minutes to sweat and focus on anything besides my bad mood. When I pulled into the parking lot, I typed “bad day quote” into Pinterest. When I’m feeling All of The Emotions in The World, I always feel a lot better reading those silly inspirational quote pics. I know, it’s nuts, but it seriously works!
As always, it worked like a charm, and Pinterest knew exactly what to say … 
Punch today in the face. 

Yup, sounds good. A little validation never hurts!

Every day may not be good. But there is something good in every day. 

When I thought about it for a second, there were definitely good parts in this bad day.

  • C wore the gorgeous Shwin Designs Stella Tunic I sewed up for her last night. 
  • I got a client cheque in the mail, plus a notification that another client is paying me online tomorrow.
  • I bit my tongue and resisted the urge to snap at the kids (mostly), even when I found a stash of haircare products under C’s bed and blue pen scribbles on the walls.
  • I got to interview a really awesome, interesting person.
  • I worked hard in Zumba class for a much-needed sweat.
  • I live in a world where there is Diet Coke. 

Hard times require furious dancing.
Zumbaaaaaaaaaaaa, to be exact! So glad I dragged myself and the kids to my class, even though I didn’t feel like changing, getting them changing, packing the two huge bags of crap, and driving there. It was totally worth it, as always.
God only gives us what we can handle. Apparently God thinks I’m a bad-ass.
My ultimate calm-down mantra is the one about everything happening for a reason, but it’s always nice to see a reminder. 
Yes, it sucks (SUCKS!) that our babysitter is not going to be available after Thursday. But you know what? Everything happens for a freaking reason, and I just have to figure it out. Because I’m awesome!

Breathe. It’s just a bad day, not a bad life.

Yeah, it was a bad day. Bad days are going to happen, and sometimes they don’t really solve themselves and turn into good days — they suck right until you fall asleep. But my life is amazing, and I can’t let a funk convince me otherwise.


Pinterest, you help me decorate my house, spend lots of money on fabric and craft supplies, and raise my kids. Now you’re my therapist, too? You’re the best. (Also, do you clean blue pen off walls?)


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