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Can you choose your kids’ friends?

Our six-year-old son got his class assignment as part of his report card, in the form of a nice welcoming letter from his Grade 1 teacher. There was a flurry of Facebook-ing amongst the parents-of-Primaries I have as Facebook friends, and it looked like… Continue Reading “Can you choose your kids’ friends?”

When your kids demand "a friend" … constantly

One of the main reasons we chose to have two children was so they could play with each other. We even chose to have them close in age — a year and a half apart — to increase the odds they’d enjoy hanging out… Continue Reading “When your kids demand "a friend" … constantly”

Throwing a baby shower for your bestie

Throwing a baby shower can’t possibly be more than sitting everyone in a circle and cooing over ducky onesies and impossibly tiny sneakers, right? Well, there’s a bit more to it — like the guest list, food, games, gifts and general hosting duties. Not… Continue Reading “Throwing a baby shower for your bestie”

When a friend’s child is sick

When a friend’s child is sick, you are afraid of saying the wrong thing. You don’t know if it’s better to say something in the hopes that they find it a little comforting, or if it’s better to give them their space. If you… Continue Reading “When a friend’s child is sick”

Feeling the (internet) love

The internet is good for a lot of things.  Streaming music, editing photos, reading blogs, gawking over celebrities, converting lowercase text into uppercase text immediately without having to retype a thing (yes. this.) and of course the biggies: Netflix and Pinterest. But one of… Continue Reading “Feeling the (internet) love”