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Saying yes to new traditions

In keeping with our new tradition of not getting each other giftcards — or any physical gifts at all — for our birthdays, Best Friend and I met today for one of our new and totally awesome birthday lunches. It was wonderful. I think… Continue Reading “Saying yes to new traditions”

Don’t take anything personally

You know what really burns my toast? Meanness and general drama/pettiness/discomfort among friends! I’m kind of out of practice about it (luckily) but in the last couple of days, I’ve been letting some things get to me. My feelings have been very hurt. I’ve had… Continue Reading “Don’t take anything personally”

Queen of the playdate

This column originally ran in the August 2012 edition of Southender magazine.  *** Before having children, I was never a social butterfly. I was more like a social ant, who kind of plodded along, doing their work — occasionally hanging out with a few other… Continue Reading “Queen of the playdate”

How moms meet other moms at the movies …

OTHER MOM: Oh, what a sweet little boy! ME: Thanks! Your daughter’s beautiful. How old is she? OTHER MOM: Six months. How old is your son? ME: Ten weeks. OTHER MOM: Whaaaaaaaaat? He’s so big! ME: Yup, he’s a big guy. OTHER MOM: How… Continue Reading “How moms meet other moms at the movies …”

The internet is trying to tell me something

Technology sucks, sometimes. I am supposed to go to something tonight, and I really, really, really don’t want to go.  Well, 99 per cent of me does not want to go, and would rather go home on this rainy day and paint. Alone.  The… Continue Reading “The internet is trying to tell me something”