Feeling the (internet) love

The internet is good for a lot of things. 
Streaming music, editing photos, reading blogs, gawking over celebrities, converting lowercase text into uppercase text immediately without having to retype a thing (yes. this.) and of course the biggies: Netflix and Pinterest.
But one of my favourite things is the linky love and making connections with complete strangers. I feel totally invested in the lives of many of my “blog friends,” and feel really encouraged by ,y regular commenters who’ve stuck around over the years.
That’s why I was SO honoured to be featured over on CraftGossip.com the other day for my board game art/storage post (which happens to be the most popular post on this entire blog, FYI). 
Thanks, CraftGossip!

“My hand! My hand is on CraftGossip!” I told Darling Husband proudly as I pointed at the picture. He didn’t understand why I was so excited, but he nodded supportively.

I feel like this little blog is really starting to gain traction in the last few months. Traffic went up after my first Buzzfeed post, and then again after my Huffington Post features (here and here).

Now I’m feeling inspired to try to promote my DIY tutorials a bit more heavily. I round up all of my “Handmade Home” columns under the “DIY projects” tab (and on this Pinterest board) to keep them all in the same place.

I feel like I’m at a strange place with the blog, where it’s not like blogging into a void but it’s also FAR from being a well-known one (like a Young House Love, a Bower Power, a NewlyWoodwards, a Two Twenty One, or a Semi Proper — although I’m friends with Roo so that bumps up my cred, right?)

I go through periods where I spend more time on it, and then periods where freelance work and family life takes over and I neglect the blog. I think I need to start focusing on it more, and trying to make it the best it can be. Before, like, robot bloggers take over and I’m booted from my own site entirely?

So what do you think?

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