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Weekly wrap-up: Barnboard + bubbles + birthday drama

What was I up to this week? You’ve come to the right place.  (Wait, you *weren’t* sitting there wondering about my week? Oh, sorry about that. Feel free to read a funny or embarrassing post instead if you’d rather.) Here we go …  SUNDAY… Continue Reading “Weekly wrap-up: Barnboard + bubbles + birthday drama”

Weekly wrap-up: Playmobil + birthday fun + photo day at dance

SUNDAY I shared a fun selfie with my mom and sis from cosmic bowling in Halifax. It was decidedly un-cosmic, which was disappointing since we’d worn black and white with the hopes it would look really cool, but we had a great time. Sweaty… Continue Reading “Weekly wrap-up: Playmobil + birthday fun + photo day at dance”

Weekly wrap-up: Dancing + dating + decluttering

SUNDAYEaster was … hyper. Let’s leave it at that. MONDAYMy weekly DIY was a cool custom sign I made for a Cape Breton friend. It was really easy to make (minus the hand-cramping from the lettering) and I’m definitely going to make something similar… Continue Reading “Weekly wrap-up: Dancing + dating + decluttering”