Weekly wrap-up: Playmobil + birthday fun + photo day at dance


I shared a fun selfie with my mom and sis from cosmic bowling in Halifax. It was decidedly un-cosmic, which was disappointing since we’d worn black and white with the hopes it would look really cool, but we had a great time.


Oh, and the kids left me feeling bitterly disappointed when I woke up to find they had used all of the milk in their cereal. #thestruggleisreal

😦 😦 😦

I had to resort to things I’m not proud of …


It was the big reveal for the HUGE shelving system we built to organize our Playmobil collection. The secret sauce is the wooden “play platforms” that the kids can stage and move around, or take down to the floor to spread out.

DIY Playmobil storage

(We also learned that C gets really, really excited about bubble wrap.)

Oh, and over on Instagram I did a fun Boomerang of the $2 lunchbox I bought at a thrift store. #LEGOlife


In my weekly parenting column, The Mom Scene, I talked about why EVERYONE is talking about those happy, happy Dutch kids. Seriously — they’re that happy. More importantly, what can we learn about Dutch parenting so we can shamelessly copy it?

Dutch kids are happy, so let’s copy what their parents do!

I also shared an article I wrote about Neptune Theatre’s new season, which is going to feature Mamma Mia! and I’m insanely excited about that. #musicalobsessed


Our baby girl turned FIVE on Wednesday! FIVE YEARS OLD! (It doesn’t feel that long ago that I was having her, does it?) It was happy and actually not that emotional — possibly since she’s already seemed five for so long.

She opened all of her gifts before 7 a.m. because she was so excited (we’re not picky about waiting until a certain time of day for that). There’s actually a video of it on YouTube if you’re interested in the blind bag phenomenon.

She got to pick all of the meals, as per birthday tradition, so we had a very nice breakfast with friends at Smitty’s, she sweet-talked her daddy into getting her a HappyMeal for lunch, and then we ate ice cream for dinner at our favourite local spot, Molly’s Dairy Bar.

(Then we went home and had nachos — another C favourite — so it was a pretty delicious day.)

I shared a simple DIY project that has made our UNO games sooo much easier.

DIY card-holders

We use these things constantly and I can’t EVER go back to the hassle of playing cards without them. I kind of want one for myself.

Oh, and I shared a cute shot of C and her best friend, J, at their dance school for PHOTO DAY, YAYYYYY! (I love Photo Day. It’s the cutest to see them all dressed up in their recital costumes for the first time.)

A post shared by Heather Laura Clarke (@hfxheather) on Apr 26, 2017 at 11:53am PDT

Last year’s picture was SO FREAKING CUTE so I’m excited to see how this year’s photos turn out.

Over on Facebook, I shared an interview I did with Olympic figure skater Jeffrey Buttle about the Stars on Ice tour that kicks off TONIGHT in Halifax.


Yesterday, as promised, I broke down the steps for executing the really (REALLY) easy hairstyles we did a few weeks earlier for Crazy Hair Day at D’s school.

The three of us were “Lego Head,” “Pop-Bottle Head,” and “Cupcake Head,” according to the giggling kids who came to see us at the breakfast program.

Oh, and over on Twitter I shared a weird lunch photo. Darling Husband never fails to keep things interesting!

I also re-shared my post about Why We Should All Quit Loot Bags because UGH THEY ARE THE WORST. It needed to be said again.

Here’s why we should all just quit loot bags


Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Is it supposed to rain or be nice? I never have any idea, as I am primarily an indoor person.

We’re having a double-dose of birthday fun tomorrow (a family birthday dinner for C, as well as a small I’m-not-calling-it-a-party-party with a few of her close friends. More on that soon!)


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