Weekly wrap-up: Eggs + hearing loss + cheap tables


Over on Instagram I shared a shot of some of the drool-worthy fabric I scored during an Atlantic Fabrics sale, as well as some pretty park shots while I took Annabelle for a walk.


I was part of an awesome East Coast Moms blog hop where we all shared Easter egg projects. Mine was a scrappy table runner shaped like an Easter egg, and our hop included everything from home decor to kids’ crafts and yummy recipes.

Ten egg-cellent Easter crafts


I love, love, love our new sofa end tables, and I still can’t believe they’re so cheap to build. I shared the full tutorial and YOU SHOULD MAKE ONE. OR TWO. REALLY.

DIY sofa tables


I finished the kids’ baby-clothes quilts and showed you how to make your own. No major sewing skills required, and don’t let the word “quilt” freak you out. It’s really just a blanket with knots in it. Promise.

DIY baby clothes quilt

Oh, and over on Instagram I shared how we styled our hair for Crazy Hair Day at D’s school. (It was our morning to volunteer at the breakfast program, so I was pumped C and I got to participate.)

I was pretty proud of my Diet Coke hairstyle, and it took like 30 seconds to execute.


I talked about C’s recent hearing test (she bombed) and what’s next for her to fix her hearing loss (tubes).

When your child fails their hearing test


Happy Easter weekend, everyone!

I’m not a big chocolate fan, but the Easter Bunny I bought myself a box of Glosette raisins that I plan to devour on Sunday.


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