Weekly wrap-up: Barnboard + bubbles + birthday drama

What was I up to this week? You’ve come to the right place. 
(Wait, you *weren’t* sitting there wondering about my week? Oh, sorry about that. Feel free to read a funny or embarrassing post instead if you’d rather.)
Here we go … 
I worked on a lot of projects, including this barnboard (sorta) sign for our upstairs bathroom. I found all of the quotes on Pinterest, here and there, and mixed them together to create calming affirmations.
More details about the sign are over on Instagram
I revealed the latest change to our front-hall closet: how I’d turned the bi-fold doors into cool double doors (with extra storage via some new hooks). 
It took me ages to come across this idea on Pinterest and I totally love it.
Convert closet bi-fold doors
Our daughter recently turned five and I stuck to my guns about NOT having a huge party (like I’d sworn after last year’s bash). But a smaller party wasn’t quite as easy as I’d thought, as I explained in my weekly parenting column … 
Birthday party smackdown
I also shared a story I wrote about a fun event featuring Halifamous celebrities pole-dancing!
We recently had our “summer” vacation, kind of, and I talked about what we did. Except it’s mostly a post about shift-work life and freelance life, and how they meld together to create a strange, vacation-less world (that we don’t really mind, most of the time). 

It’s been FREEZING all week — like huddled in a thick fleece-lined sweatshirt at all times, in the house — and of course I refuse to turn the heat back on.
Anyway, I talked about our favourite ways to boot the kids’ butts out of the house so they can get some fresh air, including BUBBLES! (And we reviewed some very cool bubble tools.)
I shared an article I wrote about saving money on groceries using handy apps …
Read the full story
… as well as a piece I wrote about gallery walls …
Read the full story
Yesterday was our baby girl’s Primary orientation, so she got to stay at the school for an hour and meet all of her potential teachers. She LOVED it and wasn’t nervous for a second, of course. This girl is by far the most confident Clarke. 
She did wear a little tag that announced she’s hard of hearing and to please speak while facing her (mad lip-reading skillz), which I printed off the night before (God bless the internet). 
Her hearing is still SO bad and I didn’t want the teachers to think she wasn’t paying attention and have that as their first impression. Then, miraculously, we arrived back at home to get the packet of surgery details from the hospital! In about a month and 10 days, she’ll be hearing loud and clear.

Then I took a good friend into Halifax last night for the opening of “Art” at Neptune Theatre. It was about 80 minutes long (no intermission) and, as always, I was so impressed.

This weekend we’ve got a basketball workshop for D, a birthday party for C to attend, and Mother’s Day of course.

(I bought myself an oversized hardcore tea mug and handed it to my family — pretending to “forget” about it immediately — so I’m pretty excited about opening that up.)

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my lovely mamas out there, and thank you, as always, for reading.


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