Weekly wrap-up: Scrap wood + Easter Bunny + obsessing

It’s been a busy week, so here’s a quick look at what I’ve been up to on the ol’ interweb …


I shared the FREE cutlery divider I built for our kitchen drawer out of scrap wood. It’s still a novelty to open up that drawer, as I do fifty-million times a day, and see the pretty blue paint and neat lines of everything having its own spot.

Easy-to-build cutlery divider from scrap wood


I lamented how I used to love shopping for birthday parties and now I hate it — partially because our beloved locally-owned toystore closed, but also because I’m just sick of trying to figure out what these children (whom I don’t usually know very well) would like to receive.

We actually attended a couple of birthdays the weekend after I wrote that column, and I gave one of the kids a Cineplex giftcard and candy — woohoo! I had looked and looked for a toy I wanted to get him (he’s a neighbour and I really wanted to get him something he’d like) but couldn’t find anything that felt right. So movie money + candy it was, and — wow — what an easy gift to buy.

Buying presents sucks and here’s why

Over on Instagram, I shared my awesome new smartphone photo printer that I WON at our East Coast Moms blogging workshop on Sunday: the Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer SP2.

It’s the coolest thing ever to select a photo on my phone, click print, and see a photo pop out of the printer sitting next to it — all via the magic of wifi.


Just a quick post about my favourite sewing pattern (for adults, that is — not including the zillions of patterns for children’s clothing I have hoarded) and how I made a new top in less than 20 minutes. It’s seriously comfy and probably going to wear it again this weekend.

Easiest shirt ever + so comfortable


I’d never heard of baking hamburgers in the oven, but according to the comments + tweets that have been rolling in, a lot of you HAVE heard of it. How did I make it 33 years without knowing this trick? Anyway, I’m glad I know it now, because those were the best burgers I’ve ever made.

How to bake hamburgers in the oven


We took the kids to our local mall last night to see the Easter Bunny, so I shared the hilarious photo over on Instagram this morning. The kids are almost-five and almost-seven now (*sobs*) so they are fully aware that it’s “a person in a costume,” but they happily humour me because they know I love adding a new photo to my collection.

We’ve gone to Santa and the Easter Bunny every single year since D was a baby, and although there have been years where one of them was melting down, we always got at least ONE of them in the photo.

I really hope they’ll still do this when their teenagers. I think that would be epic. Maybe I can bribe them with the digital tokens we’ll be using as currency by then?

It’s a rainy day here, and the kids and I are heading into Halifax later today. I’m taking my mom to opening night of ONCE at Neptune Theatre and I can’t WAIT to see it.

I’ve been obsessing over it since I first saw the ad. It’s won a zillion awards (Tonys, a Grammy, an Oscar) and I’ve been listening to the soundtrack on repeat for weeks.

Listen to this song and TELL ME you don’t get chills! SERIOUSLY!

C is also scheduled for a hearing test + check-up with the ENT because her hearing is still an issue, so I’ll report back once we know more about that.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


One Comment on “Weekly wrap-up: Scrap wood + Easter Bunny + obsessing

  1. My parents are going to see Once this weekend – that song is SO gorgeous and I'm sure it is incredible!!! Love this round up – we make burgers in the oven pretty frequently in the winter but I like the tips you shared! I've never heated up the pan first so I'm going to try that next time!


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