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What we learned in “summer school”

Our kids’ summer course load? Physics, geography, biology, social sciences, culinary arts and more!

Sweet treats and spoiling

I’m years away from having grandchildren of my own — at least 15 years, minimum, and even that would give me a heart attack. But somehow, the other day, I was chatting with my four-year-old daughter about her someday-children. Specifically, how I must act… Continue Reading “Sweet treats and spoiling”

I gave my five-year-old an iPhone … but let me explain

When I upgraded to my iPhone 6 earlier this year, I gave my five-year-old my old iPhone 4S … and I’ve been feeling judged about it ever since. Every time my son announces his new toy in public, I feel like interjecting with “Um,… Continue Reading “I gave my five-year-old an iPhone … but let me explain”