Thanksgiving DIY gratitude placecards

Good news: I didn’t give anyone salmonella enterocolitis during my first official Thanksgiving dinner. Even better news: Thanksgiving is over and I don’t have to host anything else for a good long time.
But! It went very smoothly, and I am super grateful for that. In fact, speaking of being grateful …
*cue forced segway*
… I’m sharing a little Thanksgiving-y project today. Yes, it’s too late for my Canadian readers (you can pin it for next year, darlings) but maybe my readers from Hamburger-a-go-go Land (a.k.a. America) can benefit from it for Thanksgiving, right?
Let’s get rolling …
Now here’s something you should know about me: I love making place cards, because I love being able to control where people sit. Actually, I just really like control? So. Yeah.
Step 1: Grab some cardstock, pretty markers (I love metallic Sharpies) and scissors or pinking shears.
Step 2: Cut the cardstock into long-ish pieces (long enough so it could be folded in half).
Step 3: Write the person’s name on the front, so it will be disguised as just a REGULAR, BORING, NOTHING-TO-SEE-HERE kind of place card. They won’t suspect anything is inside (unless your kids tell them and ruin the surprise, like mine did. Jerks.)
Step 4: Unfold the card and write a special “gratitude” message for the person. I wrote two things for each person — a mixture of funny and serious, usually. But for my sister’s card, I wrote that we were grateful for her smokin’ hot bod and free legal advice, so sometimes they were both funny (and totally serious).
Step 5: Wait until everyone has tucked into the first bit of their dinner, and gotten past the starving got-that-gravy-in-my-mouth-NOW stage into the “Ahhhh, this is delicious and Thanksgiving dinner is so special, isn’t it?” stage.

Then announce that there is something SPECIAL inside everyone’s placecard, and watch everyone look nervous because they think you planned a lame game (not totally out of the question).

I suggested everyone read aloud the card of the person on their left, so that people didn’t feel weird reading nice things about themselves. It went well except for people mixing up lefts and rights (for once, not me!). And about half the people took their cards home with them, so that was nice.
TLDR; Make some gratitude placecards! It will give everyone those fuzzy warm Thanksgiving-y feelings we enjoy so much.
What’s that? You’re still waiting for a recap on our first-ever HOSTED Thanksgiving dinner?
Well, I made FIVE pies (four apple, one pumpkin) and they were all very good, apparently. I’m not a pie person, so I also made my signature whipped cream and chocolate dessert (which is pretty much a bucket of whipped cream).
Playing with pie-tops is the most fun part
I hate all things pumpkin-y, but it was easy to make.

We had 14 people gathered around two tables (Darling Husband’s family and mine). It would have been 20 people if everyone could have made it, but we were missing four siblings/siblings-in-law and two nephews.

It was a tight squeeze, but we fit everyone in nicely!

Pay no attention to the blogger standing on the chaise lounge taking your picture!
Forgive the InstaDump, but there are some nice shots. Promise …

In conclusion, hosting Thanksgiving is a lot of work and I’ll be super grateful on Christmas Day when I’m dining at my sister-in-law’s place and eating turkey I did not prepare.
Also: Make these cards! They’re like tiny love letters to your family that also control where they sit. Something that makes everyone feel good.

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