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Lunch for preggos in 25 easy steps

Reheat leftover pasta and serve it to your toddler. Look through all cupboards, the fridge, and the freezer, and whine to yourself about how nothing is appealing for your own lunch. Decide you could probably stomach some Triscuits, as they are deliciously salty. Grudgingly… Continue Reading “Lunch for preggos in 25 easy steps”

Not Me Monday

I did not, for some reason, insist on wearing a stretchy non-maternity tank top and non-maternity long-sleeved tee around the house last night, even though my stomach kept jutting out. And I would jump every time it brushed against a cool surface. While playing cards with… Continue Reading “Not Me Monday”

When pregnancy cravings attack

Want to see what I’ve eaten for breakfast every day for … God knows how long? Two weeks straight, maybe? Two pieces of toast, buttered One (or two) hardboiled eggs, mashed up A slice of Kraft Singles cheese, torn up and melted on top… Continue Reading “When pregnancy cravings attack”