Not Me Monday

  • I did not, for some reason, insist on wearing a stretchy non-maternity tank top and non-maternity long-sleeved tee around the house last night, even though my stomach kept jutting out. And I would jump every time it brushed against a cool surface.
  • While playing cards with Darling Husband last night, I was extremely sharp and dazzled him with my skills. I was definitely not a complete moron who kept repeating, “What level am I on?” and “What level, again?” and “Um … what level, again?” #pregnancybrain
  • I was very reasonable when Darling Husband bought tea biscuits from the *other* grocery chain, and ate them without a single complaint. I did not take a bite, make a face, say, “Tea biscuit, you are a huge disappointment,” and then repeat the process.

So what do you think?

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