Toddler eating habits

I tweeted this morning about how the toddler barely ate anything yesterday, and then gobbled down a feast for breakfast today.

It was weird. He continued to surprise me by eating another truckload of food at lunch (two huggge plates of pasta with meat sauce, a buttered tea biscuit (mmmmmm), a yogurt tube, milk, and a heaping bowl of strawberries with whipped cream ’cause I was having some too and OMG so good).

I have learned in these 19 — almost 20! — months of parenthood that kids really won’t starve. Really. I have read other blogs where the moms are freaking out because they don’t want their baby to starve, but I haven’t really felt that way (yet, at least). The toddler is not a crazy-huge-eater, but he has always had a good appetite.

(I would say his appetite was a little TOO good when I was exclusively breastfeeding and chained to the couch for hours on end, but whatevs.)

He eats well. Some days he barely eats anything, and although I don’t worry about him starving, I *DO* get annoyed because I worry it will affect his naps and sleep-through-the-night-ing. And really, it’s all about me. No … it isn’t, anymore. But it’s still a little bit about me.

So I start handing him marble cheese sticks and ANYTHING ELSE so that he will have SOMETHING in his stomach just for the sake of SLEEP! If you wake up because you are hungry, I will CRY HOT ANGRY MOMMY TEARS.

I think the point of this post is that sometimes kids eat, and sometimes they don’t, but then you can expect a lot of backlog eating the next day. I’m not sure. Maybe I was trying to make a point that cheese and crackers is a great alternative to a meal, if your toddler isn’t eating and YOU NEED THEM TO SLEEP WITH A FULL STOMACH?

All I can really think about now is having another tea biscuit.

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