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Desperately seeking a fresh approach

I’m that person that constantly moves around the living room furniture, just for a change. I don’t even remember all of the different combinations. Sometimes I move things around in a way that isn’t really functional, just for the sake of something NEW, visually….

DIY decor: Two easy Mod Podge projects

When I was in junior high, I cut little words and pictures out of my Sassy magazine and glued them to the light switchplate in my bedroom. I was so proud of how cool it looked. What I didn’t expect was that every time…

Why I sew my kids’ clothes

Why I sew my kids' clothes

Sometimes when people find out I sew almost all of my kids’ clothes, they get weirded out. I totally get it. It probably would have sounded insane to me a few years ago. Like, what, are you trying to channel The Sound of Music…