That Holiday Wreath Everybody Has? It’s Totally Easy to DIY

There’s a popular joke on Pinterest about why someone would buy something for $17 when they can make it themselves for $148 worth of craft supplies. Ha ha, yes, let’s all poke fun of the crazy-eyed girl with the bins full of fabric and paint — ahem.

That can certainly happen if you get carried away (how can a store charge $27 for one package of glittery scrapbook stickers?) but most of the time, shrewd DIYers can make something amazing for much, much less than they’d pay for an equivalent item in a store.

One of the best moments, as a hardcore DIYer, is when I unlock the secret of how easy and/or inexpensive it was to make a specific item. Seeing something in a store for five times the amount — or more — than I spent on supplies is like magic!

I’ve been seeing these mesh-y wreaths absolutely everywhere for the last couple of Christmases. People go crazy for them, and I can’t believe the prices on some of them — as much as $150 in some places! Why is that? Because they look lovely and complicated, but the truth is they couldn’t be easier.

So if you’d rather spend $10 or $15 making your own — and save the other $140 for something much more fun — here’s how to DIY this very popular piece of holiday decor.

You need mesh, of course, which is available at every craft store as well as a lot of drugstores at this time of year — two rolls to be safe. That’s all you really need to buy. Some people buy metal wreath forms at the craft store, but I don’t think that’s necessary for a mesh wreath. It’s just a circle, right? I thought. I have plenty of free circles lying around my house!

So I jimmied together a “wreath form” by looping an old white cable a few times and taping it into a circle. Perfect! Then I took the end of the mesh, scrunched it into a point, and taped it to the circle — yep, with plain old Scotch tape. Now, of course, you could (should?) use wire or even zip-ties, but tape works just fine if the wreath isn’t going to be exposed to many elements. (Our front porch is covered and the wreath is holding up great.)

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