Five things I’d forgotten about hospitals

  1. They are loud places not very conducive to sleeping. You get checked on a lot. The baby gets checked on a lot.
  2. IVs are not only gross to look at, but they make it super-hard to move around. And sleep. And breastfeed.
  3. They give you a helluva lot of needles. My right arm still has massive black and purple bruises the size of coffee table rings.
  4. You are living in a vacuum with no sense of time. Even though there is a clock on the wall opposite your bed, you can’t seem to remember (A) when you last fed the baby (B) when you last took your meds (C) when you last ate, or (D) when you last got up to pee
  5. It will annoy you that your husband will sleep SO WELL on a crappy cot, while you are struggling to get to sleep in your bed. You will wish desperately for his ability to fall asleep anywhere, anytime.

One Comment on “Five things I’d forgotten about hospitals

  1. Thank goodness that's over for another trip! When do you think you'll be back … 20 months or so??? 😉


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