Our baby in review: His Eleventh Month

Baby Boy turned 11 months on May 6, 2011, and that means we are mere WEEKS from the big one. Number one. ONE YEAR OLD. I can’t possibly be the mother of an almost-one-year-old. I’m still figuring crap out!
Vital stats: Baby Boy was last weighed and measured at nine months, and he was 21 lbs and 28 inches long (50% percentile for both). We can only assume he’s bigger and taller now, but who knows? We don’t own a scale, and I’m far too lazy to set up the Wii Fit balance board. Let’s just say he’s 23-ish pounds, OK?
Milestones: Running! Baby Boy really mastered walking early in his tenth month, and now his new trick is to run like the wind, Bullseye. He really motors around. When you live in a 1,200-ft one-level condo, that means he is in and out of every single room about 4,297 times per day — with me running after him. We even bought one of those baby-leashes (OK, fine, “harnesses”) to keep him at bay in the mall, because he kept struggling to get out of his stroller and tear across centre court.
Teeth: Two! After cutting the first on April Fool’s Day, he cut the second on April 13 — one week after he turned 10 months old. No sign of any other teeth, but that’s fine with me. Now that he at least has TWO teeth, the “Geez, any teeth yet?” inquires have stopped, and it’s all good. He still has never done the whole drooly routine, but I keep expecting it.
Speech: He started saying “Da da da da” last month, and said it all the time, but it’s been less lately. HOWEVER, he has been saying “Mum-mum-mum-ma” for a few weeks now. At least, I think he is. Everyone else is all, “Heather, he’s just saying jibberish!” and “Heather, he’s not saying ‘Mama,'” and “Heather, you’re crazy! He’s not saying it!” But he is. Honest. You would think people would be a little kinder. I spend 99% of my life with him — why wouldn’t he say ‘Mama,’ damnit?
Baby-proofing: Darling Husband has abandoned his barricade of kitchen chairs, and I hardly ever put him in the Playard anymore. Now that he’s ALWAYS walking and running around, it’s just … not good … when you try to stop him. He still plays with the computer at every chance and bangs on the toilet seat lid and yanks the toilet paper if he thinks you’re not watching, but he is getting better at listening to “No.” Sort of. The good thing is that he’s a creature of habit, and always goes for the same things. Our baby-proofing of late has been occasionally closing the doors to the bathrooms, and putting the drip-tray of the water cooler out of reach. Not much else.
What he’s been eating: Three meals a day. We’ve completely ditched the cereal at bedtime — it never worked, he stopped liking it and would just scream, and I got way too tired for that. New foods this month were tri-colour alfredo noodles (loved ’em, but then he loves all pasta), cows’ milk (lovvvvves it, but it does constipate him if we give him too much), and strawberries (I finally decided it would be safe, and he was fine).  That doesn’t seem like a lot of new foods, but that’s all I have written down … Hmm … Oh, and I finally let him eat WHOLE Ritz crackers. Yup, you read that right — I did not break them into 27 tiny pieces. He gets a huge grin, holds it in his hand, and either takes a bite with his teeny (two) teeth … or smashes the whole thing in his fist. Depends on his mood, I guess.
How we’ve been sleeping: This was a weird month, sleep-wise. He has some really good nights (like one when he slept for a 6.5 hour stretch), and some really, really terribly shitty nights (like MANY where he was up five or six times). It was pretty consistently two feedings, though, plus often a quick 10:30 p.m. wakeup where Darling Husband would “re-soother him” and he’d go back to sleep.
Diapering: We’re still using disposable diapers at night only, and using cloth during the days. I finally got around to putting a bit of bleach in with the cloth diapers, and it did seem to take away any stink-age. It’s been a bitch to diaper Baby Boy lately, though. He wriggles and turns and tries to stand up and walk around on the changing table. Frustrating! On the bright side, though, he often takes his daily poo in the disposable diaper, before I get him up for the day, so I’ve had very few poo cloth diapers to, ahem, “deal with.”
Breastfeeding: Operation WEBBOY (WEan Baby Boy at One Year) is going strong. And by that, I mean … I suppose I’m doing it subliminally? OK, fine. I’m not doing much at all. He gets formula in a sippy-cup sometimes when we go out — because I’m not pumping anymore — and he drinks the odd sip here and there. I was sort of trying to cut back nursing sessions, but didn’t really make a lot of progress. Stay tuned for this month’s update, though, because *drumroll, please* I’m actually doing stuff lately. Actual weaning stuff! Promise!
Playing: He hasn’t played as much with the battery-operated stuff in “Toy Corner” this month. He’s been really into his board books, especially the one about Noah and the flood, and his all-time favourite, Baby Boo — the other day he picked it up, brought it to me, and then sat down expectantly as I started to read. He also loves going into his room, yanking books down off his shelves, and flipping through them like he’s pretending to read — it’s so freaking cute because they are usually chapter books like Beezus and Ramona.
Things that surprised me: How much he is like me — specifically that he is incredibly stubborn. I think because he looks so much like Darling Husband, sometimes I assume he’s like him on the inside, too. But he absolutely has my stubborn/determined streak. Example? He is obsessed with the dresser drawers in our room, because they glide and he’s able to pull them open and closed (unlike his own stiffer drawers). He runs into our room 324,084 times a day and yanks open my tank top drawer. He fishes out tank tops and runs around with them. If I stop him and close the drawer, he will go straight for the nightstand drawer, where he digs around until he finds (adult content ahead!) the Astroglide. It’s a tall drawer, and he’s a short baby. No matter how deep I bury it in the drawer, he will stand on his tippy-toes and basically hang off the end of the drawer, struggling to grope around for it. Sure, I could just put it somewhere else (or put it in a container), but it’s kind of awe-inspiring to see him work so hard to get something. Just wish it wasn’t, um, adult stuff!
Things that have made me melt: When I got a beautiful handmade card on my very first Mother’s Day, and even breakfast in bed — I felt like such a grown-up, and it just hit me (like it did when I stuffed his stocking and hid his Easter eggs) that I’m really a mom. When I clean up after lunch and Baby Boy “helps” me push his highchair back into its spot — he does it with such a serious “helping Mommy” expression. When he grins at me from across the room and runs straight for me. When he laughs and I can see his two shiny white (crooked) bottom teeth. When his face lights up as we “follow along” to the jumping-around antics on his favourite show, FourSquare. When he wakes up happy from a nap, and over the monitor I hear “Mum-mum-um-ma-mum!” He is the absolute best.

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