One and a half men

I recently took on a work-from-home project that required me to work out of the home for two days in one week.

It was very strange be with away from Baby Boy for an eight-hour day and a ten-hour-day (with three days at home in between luckily!), but I think it was good for both of us. It reminded me how to wear earrings and talk like a real person, and it showed him that there is more to life than clinging to Mama.

My mom and Darling Husband’s mom took babysitting shifts on that first day, but on the second day I was out working (the ten-hour-day), I was SO happy that Darling Husband would be able to spend the whole day with Baby Boy.

This was a big deal.

He had never spent more than 45 minutes alone with Baby Boy, except for occasions when I was in the tub or sleeping. It’s not that he wouldn’t or couldn’t do it — it’s just that when he’s not at work, we do things together as a family. Just try tearing me away from the guy!

So I went to work. Daddy stayed with Baby. I received a couple of texts throughout the day saying that everything was going fine, but I still wondered how it was really going. Was Baby Boy missing me? Was he being fussy or difficult? Was Darling Husband getting frustrated? Oh God, I didn’t lay out clothes — what would he dress him in???

How did it all go?
I got my answer at dinner that night.
When my darling son ignored me.
Ignored ME!

Let me back up. As soon as I got home from work, I smothered my little cuddle-bear in kisses and hugs. He was smiling and happy to see me, and seemed fine. His clothes even matched! Then we immediately went out to a quickie restaurant for dinner — um, as in fast food … not quick sex in the bathroom.

Anyway, I settled Baby Boy in a high chair while Darling Husband got our salads bacon cheeseburgers. I gave Baby Boy a cracker and a cup of breast milk (he’d eaten his dinner before I got home), and we all started to chow down.

And my son ignored me!

He literally turned himself in his high chair so he was facing Darling Husband, and just kept beaming up at him. Beaming! He kept grabbing at Darling Husband’s arm and trying to pull him closer. When Darling Husband — who was also juggling a bacon cheeseburger — leaned toward him, Baby Boy covered him with his trademark open-mouth sloppy kisses.

It. Was. So. CUTE!

In the interest of full disclosure, sure, a tiny part of me felt left out. I mean, I’d been gone all freakin’ day, and my baby isn’t even looking in my direction!

But seeing him positively BEAM up at his daddy, and seeing Darling Husband all pleased with the attention, and knowing that they really did have a wonderful day spending time alone together …

… the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen! I hope I never forget that moment.

So what do you think?

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