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Just like last time around, I am going absolutely positively NUTS waiting to find out the sex of this baby. I have a lot of respect for parents who don’t find out what they’re having. I’m pretty sure waiting 40 weeks would kill me.… Continue Reading “Premonitions”

"He’s a climber …"

How many times a day do I hear that phrase? And SAY that phrase??? Baby Boy is an unstoppable climber. He has always been very physical — moving, running, jumping, exploring — but the climbing is awful. When you are 13 months old, what,… Continue Reading “"He’s a climber …"”

Interesting things I have learned from watching (too much) Treehouse TV

Chuggington is NOT the red train. He’s not even a train at all. I thought it was like Thomas, and the show was named after the one train in particular. But Chuggington is actually the name of the train STATION … I think. The… Continue Reading “Interesting things I have learned from watching (too much) Treehouse TV”