What’s up, Doc?

You know what? I am a good girl, dutifully following my mile-long list of things to do before we try to get pregnant.

I’m doing the whole prenatal vitamin thingy, the whole drink-lots-of-milk and eat healthy food routine, trying to get more exercise. I’m staying away from (some) evil chemical-laden foods and meds, not drinking, not smoking, etc., etc., etc.
I bought What To Expect When You’re Expecting, and read it cover to cover. I also did the dentist visit, which is recommended because apparently your teeth and gums can get f-ed up when you’re knocked up.
And on Saturday, I officially went off the pill
So the other day, it was time for the pre-TTC doctor visit …
I made an appointment to see my GP, who is the same guy I saw eight years ago when I wanted to go on the pill so Darling Husband (then Darling Boyfriend) and I could have sex.
He sat down and I told him the whole story — the what, the when (he knew the “how”). I told him all of the things I had been doing/not doing in preparation.
BTW, he hadn’t even heard of the dentist thing, so that makes me wonder. Is this whole your-teeth-and-gums-go-crazy-when-you’re-pregnant thing just a rumor, started by cash-grabby dentists?
Anyway, he said there was nothing else I needed to do — no pap required (shaved my legs for nothing), and no special check-ups. He just gave me a tetanus booster — which I requested, since it’s been 10 years — and sent me on my way.
Sheesh. It’s like he thinks it just takes some sex to make a baby, and that’s it! What about my lists???

P.S. Loving this pic of doctor dolls — I have a puppet thing, so I am cracking up right now!
P.P.S. My doctor really did tell me to have lots of sex. On my way out of his office. Really.
P.P.P.S. When I told him we weren’t trying until July, and were using condoms until then, he actually called it Russian Roulette! Ow!

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