Twin talk

I have always wanted twins.

Some people think I’m crazy, but it’s true. I do. Twins fascinate me. I used to wish desperately that Little Sis and I were twins, instead of being four-and-a-half years apart.
Ever since my dream about the twins — Emma and Hannah — I have been thinking long and hard about twins. My limited knowledge of twins was that I thought fraternal twins ran in families, and identical twins could just randomly happen to anyone.
Well, thanks to Wikipedia, I’ve got the 101 on twins — for anyone looking for/hoping for Double Trouble:
  • They don’t really use the word “fraternal” anymore. It’s just “identical” and “non-identical.”
  • Identical twins are when a single egg divides. This does not appear to be herititary (woohoo!), and can happen to anyone.
  • Fraternal Non-identical twins are when two eggs are implanted on the wall of your uterus. If it runs on your (the woman’s) side of the family, you have a good chance.
  • Women undergoing fertility treatments have a greater chance of conceiving non-identical twins — or even three or more babies (see: Gosselin, Kate)
  • Women over 35 also have a greater chance of having non-identical twins, because their eggs get anxious and start shooting out more (or something scientific)
Well, twins do not run in my family, unfortunately. And I’m not 35. So I guess I can keep my fingers crossed for the it-can-happen-to-anyone identical twin egg division.
What do you think? Am I crazy for wanting twins?

2 Comments on “Twin talk

  1. Husband is a twin and I've heard him tell some funny stories of his younger days, causing trouble with his brother. That said, the fact that your kids have a built-in best friend is kind of perfect, even though it would be double the diapers!


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